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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Prayer Shawl Ministry Pictures

Orphans in NicaraguaMessage from George Patton, Lay Leader of First UMC

Well, it's official...the Prayer Shawl Ministry is international.  It's gone to Ukraine and now to Central America.
I had the honor of presenting "mini shawls" (aka Security Blankets) to 14 Nicaraguan orphans.  It was one of the most memorable moments I've had in my four trips to Nicaragua.  The children were so proud of their gift. 
Each of the kids have a touching and tragic story and it is so amazing to be part of their transition to their new futures.  So many stories to tell about the trip but I'll let the smiles on the picture speak for this part of the trip.
Pictured is a woman in Kharkiv, Ukraine who suffers with cancer and recently received one of our prayer shawls made by Rhonda Patton, one of our faithful Prayer Shawl Ministry members.   The shawl was given to her by Russell Lindsey, the FUMC Russia Initiative Advocate.


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